Great Product

Works well, smells nice, my Boxer likes to get her ears cleaned..Hope they dont change a thing with this product.. Great job.”

D. Whisenhunt – 
EarWELL Ear Wipes 

Great for older dogs or joint issues! 

Looking for a supplement to help with joints for your pup... VetWell makes these and our dog loves them.... She come running every time she hears the bag. Our dog is 9 and has trouble uop and down due to years of jumping off a big tall bed... We started incorporating these chews and she feels great. Just like humans take vitamins and supplements, these are wonderful for our dog.

M. Cheairs, WellSyn Joint Support 

This Worked Quickly

My orange tabby gets ear mites and just dirty ears in general. I have spent $100s of dollars trying to stay on top of his ear health. This worked quickly and it doesn’t smell terrible. Very happy with this product. I will update review after I try it on my Yorki!

D. Murray, EarWELL Otic Cleansing Solution cucumber-melon

Great Product

My veterinarian recommended this product after our old girl started showing signs of arthritis. It's been short time but she's already more playful, moving quicker and doesn't struggle to get off the ground. It's great having our pup back!

JosephdogWellSyn joint Support

They Work, They Work!

I bought these for my daughters dog who seems to be overly anxious about almost everything. I hated going to her house simply because I couldn't stand all the loud barking for apparently no reason. He would go crazy when she would vacuum her house, when he had to be crated, when the doorbell rings, you name it, he barked!! She has been using them with him for several days now and EVERYONE has noticed a difference! He is much calmer and we are happy customers!!

R. Carroll, CalmWELL

Highly Recommend

This is a great product for my 2 labs. We have always given them joint supplements, this is by far on of our favorites. The dogs love it and feel as if they are getting a treat. Will buy again.”

S. GermannWellSyn Joint Support

Why Didn’t My Vet Recommend This Product? 

My pup and I have had nothing but problems with her ears since I purchased her over three years ago. I have spent lots of money on vet bills and antibiotics. I feel like I had tried everything until my brother-in-law told me one of his friends recommended this product to him. I can't say enough good things about our experience. I used it daily until brown particles stopped appearing in her outer ear after use, now i clean her ears twice a week. This product smells great but most importantly WORKS. I will never use anything else.

Customer, EarWELL Otic Cleansing Solution, sweet pea-vanilla

Helped our furbaby with her anxiety

When I first saw these calmwell treats I was very hopeful. We have an english bulldog that suffered abuse at her first home before we got her. Since then she has suffered from terrible anxiety... These treats have been wonderful to help her remain calm while easing some of the stress she was seeming to be under. She likes the taste of them and is excited to get a treat when I reach for the container. These will be a reorder for sure. Thank you VetWell for coming up with this wonderful product!

Katie, CalmWELL 

Super convenient and easy to use!

I love these wipes! I don't have to squeeze liquid in his ears and then use a cotton ball. With these wipes I can just grab and wipe whenever I go outside with him. He is a 100 lb German Shepherd who loves to get in the pond and with his big ears sticking up and catching all of this pollen floating in the air. he needs his ears cleaned all the time! Super convenient.”

A. Carroll, EarWELL aloe wipes